Magic Mesh Dimensions

Magic Mesh Dimensions | How To Get The Right Size

No matter what size door you have you can get the right Magic Mesh dimensions to fit it.

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Most all of us have encountered one of my least favorite living creatures, the mosquito.  Yes I do not like to be bitten by those pesky insects.  I remember when I was a kid about 20++ years ago I was sleeping in a recreational vehicle (RV) and there was a singular mosquito hovering around in there with me.

All night it tormented me with its buzzing and the ever present threat of being bitten.  I would put blankets on top of my head in the vain attempt to sleep.  As most of us know the amazing mosquito proboscis can somehow penetrate great barriers like sheets and clothes to inflict their annoying bites.  I cannot tell you how much I wish there was an adequate screen door on that RV.  Why was there no screen door?

More than likely it would require a custom screen door and the owners of the RV evidently found this to be either too expensive or too much of a hassle.  Either way that was a very memorable sleepless night with a mosquito I wish never happened.

Fast forward to today and there is no reason to spend another night with an unwanted mosquito.  What has changed?  The introduction of Magic Mesh Door Cover and the versatile Magic Mesh dimensions has changed the mosquito fighting ball game.

If this seems too good to be true and you need to find out for yourself the veracity of such claims, then check out the official Magic Mesh Door Cover website,

When it comes to screen doors, size matters.  A few centimeters are the difference between insect protection and infestation.  It’s nice to know that you can adjust the Magic Mesh dimensions to fit your doors.

I know my parents have custom sized sliding glass doors throughout their home.  Though the size of the sliders makes it possible to take in all of the lovely view where they live, finding screen doors that fit has been a perpetual problem.  Whenever I go to visit them there screen doors are in various stages of working from “don’t move it it is actually on the tracks” to completely dislodged and tilted on their sides against the sliding glass doors.  Either way it is a hassle to just go in and out of the house during the summer time.  How could a Magic Mesh screen door help my parents open and close their sliding glass doors with ease?

Instead of being a fixed size and construction, Magic Mesh screen door covers are flexible.  Flexible screen door cover you might be asking?  Yes indeed.  Magic Mesh accomplishes this because it is a mesh curtain instead of a metal framed door.  The mesh construction allows for both flexible instillation as well as door coverage.  This way any doorway within a certain width can be covered.

The next question is how is the Magic Mesh door cover opening secured so the insects stay out and air can freely stream in?  The opening is lined with eighteen magnets.  After the opening is gently pulled open the attractive force between the magnets draws the two sides of the opening closed.  How ingenious!

If you have a challenge finding a screen door that will fit the dimensions of your doorway then the flexible Magic Mesh dimensions will fit for you.

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